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Pamela Delisle BFA, BSW

Founder and Executive Director
On a break until Nov. 2022

Pamela created YCSAB in November 2011 and continues nurturing our daily operations while strategizing and implementing plans to ensure the project can continue to provide a baby gift to every Manitoba family in need who requests one. Pamela’s volunteer roles included managing a team of Directors, communicating with YCSAB’s Advisory Committee, and strategic planning including allocating YCSAB’s fundraised resources to ensure project goals are met. Pamela cares deeply about operating a high-quality organization which helps reduce child poverty, encourages the reuse of gently used baby items in order to reduce our environmental footprint, and to share information with parents about how to nurture strong and lasting connections with their children.


Jenny Kidder

Director of Volunteer Management
On a break until Nov. 2022

Jenny started volunteering for YCSAB in July 2014 as one of our first volunteers. No job was too big or small for Jenny, and due to her ambition and skill, she has helped YCSAB thrive. Jenny is responsible for our Volunteer Management team and continues to lead and motivate her fellow volunteers to achieve their best so we can achieve our project goals.

Chandra Hermanson

Match Coordinator

As a Match Coordinator volunteer since 2015, Chandra reviews our gift applications and makes the appropriate considerations to connect families in need to our Gift Coordinators and ‘Make One Gift’ volunteers. If you have already applied for a gift and you have a question about your application please email Chandra.

Diana Welligan

Acting Director of Volunteer Management & Volunteer Coordinator

Diana’s diverse volunteer experience at YCSAB plus her long list of professional achievements has positioned her beautifully to manage all elements of our core volunteer force, including screening, hiring, and placing new volunteers. Diana managing our existing core volunteers so they can easily achieve their potential and have high job satisfaction within their roles.

Jezzamy RODDY

‘Make One Gift’ Coordinator

Originally a ‘Make One Gift’ volunteer herself, then a powerhouse Gift Coordinator, Jezz has come full circle as our MOG Coordinator. Jezz welcomes and supports ‘Make One Gift’ volunteers from when they apply until when they deliver the custom baby gift they’ve made for a family in need. If you have questions about volunteering to ‘Make One Gift’ please send Jezz an email.


Carrie Foden

Director of Communications

Carrie leads our social media strategy so we can best network and communicate with YCSABs donors, supporters, and volunteers. You’ll get to hear from Carrie when you message us on Facebook and Instagram, or message her if you have a collaboration idea or want to help promote YCSAB.

Ashley Jones

Content Manager

Ashley Jones is responsible for writing copy, designing graphics, and managing and publishing all submitted and curated content. Contact Ashley if you’ve volunteered for YCSAB and you have a story to share about your experience.

Ellen Lyon

Communications Assistant

Ellen cheerfully answers all your inquiries to info.
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Amnesty Simpson

Director of Donations

Amnesty’s years of hands on experience sorting donations and gift making and then operational experience as a Mini-Blitz Coordinator positions her perfectly to understand and support the needs of our donations team.

Kyra Taylor-Gagne

Donations Manager

Kyra liaises with our Gift Coordinator volunteers, and based on their needs, develops and implements strategies to improve access and acquisition to needed items. Email Kyra if you have a unique or complex donation you’d like to discuss, including hosting your very own donation drive.

Jenna Koens

Drop Spot Volunteer Coordinator
On a break until Nov. 2022

Jenna assesses what Manitoba communities needs more Business and Community Drop Spots and then recruits, trains and nurtures relationships with these volunteers with the goal of making donation collection easier and more enjoyable and to ensure the supply and demand of donations is balanced.

Tennille Bartelings

Mini-Blitz Coordinator
On a break until Nov. 2022

Tennille promotes Mini-Blitz events within our volunteer network and joyfully supports and mentors our core volunteers who sign up to organize and host them, ensuring that their events are successful and that our baby items remain organized.

Michelle Kannwischer

Request Pick-Up Coordinator

When our generous donors have baby items to donation but no means to deliver it to one of our donation drop spots, they apply on our website to request a pick-up. Michelle is our trusty volunteer, responsible for assessing and responding to all ‘Request Pick-Up’ applications.