Milla Very LargeStarted in November 2011, You Can’t Spoil A Baby is a volunteer-operated project that delivers gifts of once-loved/new baby clothes and items to help Manitoba families in need with the first year of baby’s life. We are motivated by the belief that all babies deserve an equal start and that all parents deserve to receive help without judgment.

Our concept is simple:

You Can’t Spoil A Baby matches a Manitoba family in need who is expecting a baby or who has a newborn, to a donor with baby items to give. The donor experiences the reward of knowing their baby items will be used and appreciated, and if they chose, they are invited to deliver their gift directly to the family. The family receives a customized gift of baby clothes and items to help with the first year of life, and also gets to meet the donor or volunteer who cares about them and their child/ren. The planet benefits too, because every gift of once loved items saves valuable resources.

From November 2011 to September 2016, You Can’t Spoil A Baby has delivered baby gifts to over 725 Manitoba families in need. Donors who are unable to deliver directly to a family, have the option to drop off a partial donation to one of our 20+ Donation Coordinator locations across Manitoba.

It has been a privilege for us to be invited into people’s lives during this special and vulnerable time, and we are thrilled to continue to get the chance to do so. Our donors, volunteers, fans and gift applicants are our project’s heartbeat!