Your financial contribution will make a difference in the life of a child in Manitoba. Our ongoing goal is to continue to operate as a 100% volunteer operated project with minimal costs and to heavily rely on donations of once loved baby clothes and baby items. While our expenses are minimal, it does take approximately $250 a month to operate YCSAB.  There are a variety of ways that we put gifted money to work to be able to support children and families in Manitoba. Some of the ways gifted donations are used are: website hosting and maintenance, administrative costs, gift making materials, and occasional printing and graphic design costs. Transparency about financial history and plans is important to YCSAB and we are happy to discuss details with any potential donors.

Monthly Donations
Monthly donations are a powerful and easy way to provide ongoing financial support to our project to ensure that we can continue our work helping Manitoba families. Monthly donations of $2, $5, $10, or more are available via Paypal.

One-Time Donations
One-time donations via Paypal are also gratefully appreciated so that we can continue to meet the growing request for baby gifts and meet our future goals. If you’d prefer to send an EMT or cheque, please contact us at for more details. We are currently in the research and planning phase of registering as a charity, and therefore we cannot offer a tax receipt at this time.

These following comments were written by our gift applicants and express their need and feelings about being a parent in need:

-“I am a single parent and I try to do my best to be a very good mother, I’m just financial struggling. I have literally nothing for my daughter.”

-“We are a young couple just scraping by and anything would really help. I would be so ever grateful to receive something like this.”
(cont. below photo)

Your donation will help provide baby gifts to families like this former gift recipient and her beautiful baby.

-“I’m shy and embarrassed and feel like I’m begging but I know I do need help as raising a child alone is hard.”

-“We have nothing for our baby at this time. This will be our first winter in Canada.”

-“Being on income assistance isn’t getting my baby needs and I am desperate.”

-“I lost all my baby items due to a fire so if you have anything to donate it would be greatly appreciated!!”

-“It’s been a long time since I was expecting a child, my first child is 7 years old, so I donated everything to people in need, I didn’t know I was pregnant right away, and being on assistance isn’t getting my baby what she needs, I need to start over again.”

-“With baby on the way it just made me feel so much better to apply and it helped ease my depression a little bit knowing someone could reach out and help us.”

If you would like to discuss a financial donation please contact us. To donate, please select from the options below:

Make a one-time donation:

Make a recurring donation:

Recurring donation options:

Sharing helps us to reach more families
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