Boxes and gift bags filled with baby items and accessories.


After 11 years, You Can’t Spoil a Baby has closed it’s doors for an unknown amount of time. Change happens to the best of us and we need time to reassess our future of offering baby supplies to Manitoba families in need.⁠

We know that the need for resources is huge right now so this decision was not made lightly. Thank you for being there with us along this journey and we hope to be back in the future. 💜⁠

In the meantime, if you need baby supplies or are looking for a place to donate your baby things, consider checking out Manitoba 211 where you can search for government, health and social services, 24/7 in many languages.

We make and deliver gifts of primarily once loved items to help with the first year of the baby’s life. If you are trying to decide what to donate, ask yourself, ‘will a baby need this in their first couple of years’? We accept both gently used and new items. Here are some ideas for the most needed items we accept:

  • Once Loved or New Baby Clothing in sizes preemie to 18 months (0 – 18 months)
    e.g.: tops, bottoms, special outfits, onesies, sleepers (high need for sleepers/pajamas in sizes 6-12m, 12-18m), outerwear, footwear, seasonal items (bathing suits, snowsuits, mitts, toques, hats) etc.
    ***To protect our gift recipients and volunteers, we respectfully encourage people who have, or recently had, bed bugs or who smoke in their home, to disclose this at the time of donation.
    We do not accept clothing in sizes larger than 2T.
  • Breastfeeding Items
    e.g.: nursing pads, bras, new or sterilized breast pumps, nursing pillows etc.
    ***We do not accept maternity clothing at this time because it is very hard to match due to size and style preferences.
  • Diapering Items
    e.g.:disposable diapers (open packs are ok if they are clean and in a ziploc bag), wipes, change pads, diaper bags,
    ***As of August 2019 we no longer accept cloth diapers or cloth diapering accessories, etc.
  • Bath/Hygiene Items
    e.g.: natural unscented baby soaps, diaper creams, bath tubs, bath toys, wash cloths, menstrual pads for postpartum period etc. Hygiene items for the whole family are appreciated.
  • Sleep Items
    e.g.: receiving blankets, crib mattresses and bedding, baby monitors, co-sleepers etc. *We do not accept bumper pads or positioning wedges.
  • Feeding Items
    e.g.: bibs, bottles, highchairs, cutlery, plates/bowls, sippy cups, food processors, baby food etc.
    ***Please note, we only accept brand new Bumbo Floor Seats with straps.
  • Baby Carriers
    slings, wraps, soft structured, mei tai, etc.
  • Baby Gear/Toys/Books
    e.g.: bouncy chairs, exersaucers, swings, activity play mats, baby toys and books etc.
    ***Please note, we only accept brand new stuffed animals with tags
    ***Please note, we only accept brand new Bumbo Floor Seats with straps.
  • Select Baby Furniture
    e.g.: bassinets, cribs, playpens.
    ***Due to the infrequent requests for, large size, and challenges delivering them, change tables, dressers and rocking chairs are not accepted at this time.
    ***Cribs are accepted if the info that identifies the manufacturer, model number, date of manufacture, original hardware and assembly instructions- either printed or online version are included. No drop-side cribs please, or damaged, or missing hardware. Cribs made before September 1986 do not meet current safety standards and are illegal to sell under the law.
  • Strollers
    e.g.: Cleaned and working umbrella strollers, single strollers, or double strollers are very appreciated. Strollers must come with a lap belt, or safety harness that is solidly attached to the seat or frame. Strollers must be accompanied by information that identifies the manufacturer, model number, and the date of manufacture.
    ***We only accept strollers made after 2009.
  • Car Seats/Accessories
    e.g.: covers, mirrors, toys etc. Car seats must be brand new in the box or with tags or come with a safety note from a car seat tech.
  • Presents Suitable for ‘Big-Sibling’ Gifts: e.g.: quality books and toys, activities, art supplies etc. Most big sibling gifts are needed for 2-17 year olds.

If you’re ready to donate your once loved or new items to help a family in need, please visit our How To Donate page.

If you don’t have gently used baby items of your own to donate, consider shopping at Once Upon a Child- Winnipeg West, as they sell gently used baby and kids items and offer our supporters 20% off of their gently used stock, and 10% off of their new items. Simply shop at their 1330 Ellice Avenue store for items to help with baby’s first two years, inform their staff that you are donating them to YCSAB’s in store donation bin, and they will apply the discount to your bill. OUAC-WW staff will then get your donation to our volunteers who will then deliver them into the homes of expectant Manitoba families in need.
***If you’d like a list of our high need items prior to your shopping trip, please email us at info@youcantspoilababy.org. Or save yourself the hassle of emailing us and purchase sleepers/pajamas in the 6-12 month or 12-18 month range because we are always out of them. Thank you SO much!

***We love helping Manitoba families as much as you do!  If we are unable to use your donated items, we will pass them along to another charitable organization that helps Manitoba families in need, and as a last resort a thrift store.