What will be in my gift?
Since we rely solely on donations of once loved baby items to make each gift, each gift is customized to your baby’s needs so we can reduce waste. For each stage in baby clothing (0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m, and 12-18m), we try to include 7 pajamas, 5 casual bottoms, 5 casual tops, and 2-5 special or matching. If we are low in stock, we add other items to make the value of each of our gifts fair. In addition to giving clothing, we provide one higher value item that you really need, as well as other misc. baby items that we have in stock like bibs, shoes, toys, books, feeding or bathing items etc.

How long will it take to get a gift?
On average we have a waiting list of about 250 families and the wait from when you apply to when your gift is delivered is about 6 months. The best chance you have of receiving a gift before your baby is born, is to contact us as early as possible in your pregnancy, tell us the sex of your baby or update us as soon as you know, as most donors prefer to give a ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ gift, and keep us up to date if your contact info changes. Each page on our website has a counter to keep track of how many families are waiting for a gift and also the average wait time. If you apply for a gift, check our website for our best estimate.

How do I register for a gift?
If you are pregnant, live in Manitoba, and are living in poverty with no other way to get your baby what they need, then please apply online here.

I don’t have a phone or email address for your project to contact me, can I still apply?
Yes. When applying be sure to list a contact person who we will be able to contact on your behalf.  We will then be able to pass a message along to you or we will make the delivery arrangements with the contact person you chose.

I am having problems registering, how can I get help?
You can email us at info@youcantspoilababy.org  and leave a clear message with your first name and call back number and we will return your call to learn more about how we can help you.

I registered but never got a confirmation email, what should I do?
Applications that are successful always send an email back to you. First check your spam folder to see if perhaps the confirmation message is there. If it isn’t, reapply and in the comments section, mention that this is your second attempt at applying. If you still don’t receive the confirmation email, you can email us at info@youcantspoilababy.org or phone us and leave a clear message with your first name and call back number and we will return your call to learn more about how we can help you.

How do you decide who gets a gift?
We match gift applicants in the order that they applied. First-come, first-served!

Who will contact me about my gift?
The first person to contact you will be our Match Coordinator. They will help you update your application if you have new contact info or needs to share with us. Once your file is updated they will match you to a volunteer who is available to start collecting needed items and preparing your gift. Once matched you will receive your gift within one month. Once your gift is ready to deliver, the volunteer will contact you to find a good day and time to deliver your gift.

I want to register for a gift for a friend, family member, or client; am I able to do that?
Yes! There is space in the application to explain who you are and why you are completing the application for them. Please be sure to include both your contact info and theirs, and clarify who we should contact once your application is at the top of our waiting list, and if the person you are applying for is aware you are applying for them. Receiving this info will reduce repeat applications.

Do you help families expecting more twins or triplets?
Yes. Over the years we have had many successful twin family matches and even one triplet match!!

Can my request for help be a secret from my family?
Yes. You will have a chance to tell us any important details in your application form. If your safety is an issue if your family finds out you are asking for help, please let us know this and arrangements will be made to protect you and your privacy.

I received a gift from You Can’t Spoil a Baby in the past for my first baby. Will you give me another gift for my next child?
Yes. We understand that things happen and that baby items cannot always be stored for future babies.

Where else can I get help for my baby?
Please review our list at Other Resources.

If you still have a question please contact us.