You will find local resources related to providing for a baby in the categories of: Money, Baby Clothing and Items, Parenting Support and Groups, Housing and Food.  If we are missing a resource that can help families, please contact us. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is possible that the below resources have changed their services and availability. Please contact each resources to inquire.


Are you struggling to make ends meet? You may be eligible for more benefits and programs, listed and explained in the 20-page plain language booklet ‘Get Your Benefits!’. Don’t miss their section ‘Families with Children’ or their info about why even if you make no money, filing taxes can get you government benefits.

Visit www.getyourbenefits.ca for more information.

Resource: Monthly, non-taxable payment to help families with the cost of raising children. Amount of payment is based on your family’s income.
How to Access it: If you are the parent of a newborn, complete the Birth Registration package given to you when you deliver your baby, or by using the Automated Benefits Application (ABA) Service, found on their website.
Website: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/bnfts/ccb/menu-eng.html
Phone Number: 1-800-387-1193

Resource: Financial help to Manitobans who have no other way to support themselves or their families. For people who are able to work, EIA will help them go back to work by providing supports to employment.
How to Access It: To make an appointment, or to find the EIA office that you should go to, visit the locations website http://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/misc/loc/winnipeg.html#do , or call the number below.
Phone Number: In Winnipeg, 204-948-4000, outside of Winnipeg, 1-877-812-0014

Resource: Annual, non-taxable payment to help families transition from Welfare assistance, in addition to providing financial assistance for children’s prescription eyeglasses.
How to access it: If you are in receipt of the Canada Child Tax benefit, not on Employment Income Assistance, your working family may be eligible for up to $420 tax free each year, for each child under the age of 18 who is in your care.  You can print the application on their website, then fill it out and mail it in.
Website: https://www.gov.mb.ca/fs/eia/mcb.html
Phone Number: Toll Free: 1-800-563-8793

Resource: If you are pregnant, live in Manitoba and have a net (after taxes) family income of less than $32,000 a year you will receive a monthly cheque that they hope you will buy healthy foods that you need during pregnancy.
How to Access it: Download a form from their website or pick one up at a medical office where you are getting prenatal care, or government offices or community agencies. You must provide a medical note from your health care provider, saying you are pregnant and when you are due.
Website:  http://www.gov.mb.ca/healthychild/healthybaby/mpb.html or (http://www.gov.mb.ca/healthychild/healthybaby/babyappln.pdf)
Phone Number: Call 204-945-1301 (in Winnipeg) or 1-888-848-0140 (outside of Winnipeg)

Resource: Support and mentorship dealing with problems or concerns around housing or income security, assisted by a One-on-One Mentor.
How to Access it: Visit their website, call, or visit in person Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9:00am to 4:30pm and Tuesday from 12:30pm to 4:30pm
Website: www.wcwrc.ca
Phone Number: 204-774-8975
Address: 640 Ellice Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Baby Clothing and Items

Resource: Free clothing, furniture, appliances, and household items to people receiving Income Assistance.
How to Access it:  To request an item(s), you must come into the Centre at 450 Provencher Boulevard (between 9:00 am – 1:00 pm Monday to Friday), and complete a registration form. You will need your medical number, and if applicable, all employment income assistance information with you.  They will do their best to help you acquire the items you need.  If you are approved to receive items and you find things that you require, you must take these items with you the same day that you are at the centre.  They can also deliver the items you have selected to your home for a $25 delivery charge.
Website:  http://www.cflc.info/home-3/
Address: 450 Provencher Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone Number:  204-231-9513

CLASSIFIED AD WEBSITES:  Kijiji or Used Winnipeg (Online)
Online advertisements offering free or low-cost items.
How to Access It
: Search the websites for the item you are looking for, contact the seller/donor and arrange delivery/pick-up.
Websitehttp://winnipeg.kijiji.ca/ or http://www.usedwinnipeg.com/classifieds/baby

Resource:  Free clothing for women and children.
How to access it: Clothing room is by appointment only. Phone to book an appointment. Up to 3 clothing items per person. Childcare is available upon request.
Website: http://www.fgwrc.ca/home/news/read,377/78/clothing-room-appointments
Phone number: 204-477-1123
Address: 104-3100 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Buzz Code: #106

Resource: Free furniture and household goods, and delivery, to people in financial need.
How to access it: To request furniture, call (204) 261-8607 from Monday to Thursday from 10 AM to 12 PM (voice messages and emails are not accepted for requests).
Website: www.handsofhope.ca
Phone number: 204-261-8607
Address: 50 Barnes Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 4Z7

Resource: The Up Shoppe (a second hand store) offers items such as clothing, accessories, toys and household items for extremely low prices.  Monthly $5 bag sales.

How to Access it: Visit the website, or visit the resource centre. The Up Shoppe hours are Monday – Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm.
Website: http://www.newcentre.org/programs/up-shoppe/
Phone number: (204) 582-3494
Address: The Up Shoppe, 384 Selkirk Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
*The Up Shoppe’s Referral Program provides family clothing, shoes, small housewares, linen, and infant layettes to women who are referred by partner agencies or NEWC and had to suddenly leave home without their belongings, gave birth recently, had to take in a family member, are attending a job interview or have left an institution setting or a shelter.

THE SWAPPING NETWORK (location changes with each swap)
Resource: Maternity, baby, toddler, pre-school and kids clothing. Toys, and baby supplies.
How to Access it: Donate your gently used and freshly laundered kid’s clothing from newborn to size/age 12, as well as any toys, baby items and maternity wear. Then, attend one of their swap events, and trade your items for whatever you or your children need.
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/206469622699216/

Resource: Various baby carriers are available to rent for a small fee with knowledgeable volunteers to teach you how to use them.
How to Access it: Two group meetings per month, generally the first Saturday and third Friday of each month.  Request to join their Facebook group.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/winnipegbabywearers
Address: Wolseley Family Place, 691 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB

Resource: Low-cost clothing items including clothing, seasonal outwear and footwear for adults, infants and children. $1 shopping bag, $2 Garbage Bag. 
How to Access it: Visit their website, or visit in person. Hours of operation are:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 9 – 12, 1 to 4 and Wednesday 1 – 4.
Website: www.wolseleyfamilyplace.com
Address: Lower Level, 691 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number:  204-788-8052

Parenting Support and Groups

A WOMAN’S PLACE- Intimate Partner Violence support via NorWest Co-Op Community Health Centre (downtown)

Resource: A Woman’s Place Domestic Violence Support and Legal Services provides supportive counselling and legal services for women who have exited/are exiting an abusive relationship.  Supports include: Legal Representation, Legal Aid applications, assistance with protective orders, advocacy and accompaniment to court or appointments, assistance in preparing legal documents, and support groups and counselling groups.
How to access it: To access their service, contact your healthcare provider, or call the phone number below
Website: http://www.norwestcoop.ca/mind-spirit/a-womans-place/
Phone Number: 204-940-6624
Access NorWest
785 Keewatin Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2X 3B9

(North End)
Resource: Offers several different programs and services available to the community including a youth drop in, adult drop in, children’s program and aboriginal HeadStart. There are free laundry facilities, parenting classes, advocacy, referrals, resume help and emergency baby supplies. Additionally they have family night on Wednesdays, soup lunch on Thursdays and Harvest on alternating Mondays.
How to Access it: For more information on any of these programs or services, please give them a call.
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Andrews-Street-Family-Centre-1055140467837290/
Phone Number: 204-589-1721
Address: 220 Andrews Street (Andrews St @ Magnus Ave) Winnipeg, Manitoba

Resource: Valuable parenting resources, including a list of book and web based links.
How to access it: Visit their website, click the ‘For Parents’ link.
Website: attachmentnetwork.ca

HEALTHY START FOR MOM AND ME: Prenatal Program and Parent & Baby Program (city wide)
Resource: Educational and Friendly drop-in programs for pregnant women and mom’s with babies up to 1 year, with free snacks, and milk coupons.
How to Access it: For the Prenatal Program: 8 locations across Winnipeg. Locations can be found at http://www.hsmm.ca/wp/?page_id=5  or call 204-949-5350 or email info@hsmm.ca for locations and times.
Website: http://www.hsmm.ca/wp/?page_id=3
Phone Number: 204-949-5350

IMMIGRANT WOMEN’S COUNSELLING SERVICES- Intimate Partner Violence support via NorWest Co-Op Community Health Centre (Downtown)
ResourceConfidential and non-judgemental counselling to immigrant women who have experienced trauma in their country of origin and / or domestic violence.
Services are available to women who are either newcomers or long term residence of Canada, are experiencing domestic violence and/or have a history of violence in their country of origin and/or are needing support adapting to Canadian Culture. 
How to access it:  You can contact an Immigrant Women’s Counselling Services Intake Worker at (204) 938-5900
Phone Number: 204-938-5900
Access NorWest
785 Keewatin Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2X 3B9

INSIGHT MENTOR PROGRAM- Substance Abuse Support via NorWest Co-Op Community Health Centre
Resource: Our InSight Mentorship program offers support for pregnant women and new mothers with substance use problems.  Their programs provide services for women who are 18 years and older who have substance abuse problems and are pregnant or have recently given birth. InSight helps women access housing, transportation, prenatal care, parenting support, harm-reduction services, family planning, drug or alcohol treatment and services that address domestic abuse, trauma and violence.
How to Access ItFor more information for yourself or someone you know please contact the Coordinator at (204) 938-5998.
Phone Number: 204-938-5998
Access NorWest
785 Keewatin Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2X 3B9

Resource: Free info and parent-to-parent support to families wishing to breastfeed, or are already breastfeeding.
How to Access it: To find local Manitoba support groups that meet monthly, visit http://www.lllc.ca/find-group-manitoba  or call 204-257-3509 for support 7 days a week.
Website: www.lllc.ca

MACFE- Manitoba Association for Childbirth and Family Education: DOULA SERVICES
Resource: A Doula is a person who provides support to parents during the childbearing year, and who is trained in the process of labour and childbirth. MACFEs trained Doulas provide confidential, caring support during pregnancy and birth. This service is available to anyone who is pregnant and wants support during birth. Teens, single mothers, couples and women from all cultural backgrounds can benefit from the support of a Doula.
How to access it:  contact MACFE by phone, or visit their website to request Doula services.  Families who meet low income criteria are encouraged to contact them for information on their fee-assistance programs.
Phone Number: For information on Doulas and payment options, call Lorie at 204-232-7602
7 Reenders Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2C 5K0

Resource: Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre is a strength and value-based family resource centre delivering community-based programs and services within the philosophy embodied in our name “we all work together to help one another”.  Programs include services such as parenting groups, home-based crisis intervention, community drop in, a variety of safe housing programs for youth between 13-17 years of age, and others.
How to access it:  Visit the website below for detailed information about their programs.  One main location, and three additional community sites (listed below)
Website: mamawi.com
Administrative Site
445 King Street
Winnipeg, MB R2W 2C5
Phone: 204-925-0300
Fax: 204-946-5042
Toll Free: 1-888-962-6294

Email: info@mamawi.com

Anderson Neighborhood Care Site
318 Anderson Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R2W 1E5
Phone: 204-925-0349

Fax: 204-925-0306

McGregor Neighborhood Care Site
363 McGregor Street
Winnipeg, MB R2W 4X4
Phone: 204-925-6816
Fax: 204-925-0371

Spence Community Care Site
443 Spence Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3B 2R8
Phone: 204-925-0348
Fax: 204-925-0308

Resource: Midwives are primary health care providers, who Moms may choose as their first point of entry to the maternity care system.  Midwives provide preconceptual, prenatal, labour, birth, postpartum care, which includes certain areas of gynaecology to their clients. As well, they provide counselling, education and emotional support related to the client’s physical, psychological and social needs.
How to Access it:  Visit the website link http://www.midwives.mb.ca/mbmidwives.html for information about locations you can contact to find a midwife.

Website:  midwives.mb.ca

Resource: Offers several Children’s programs, including a Stay ‘n’ Play every Tuesday from 1:30 – 3:30 for children aged newborn to 6 years, and a Parenting Group.
How to Access it:  Visit the website, or the resource centre or in person.
Programming Brochurehttp://www.newcentre.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Health-and-Wellness-Brochure-2012.pdf
Website: www.newcentre.org
Phone number: 204-589-7347
Address: North End Women’s Centre: 394 Selkirk Ave, Winnipeg, MB  and

Resource:  Canada’s only community-based milk bank. They screen breastfeeding parents, accept donations of excess breastmilk from approved donors to be pasteurized in our laboratory. Milk is then given to sick babies in hospitals and at home.
How to Access it: Donor Milk is available by prescription only, accessed through your physician, midwife or nurse practitioner.
Website: northernstarmilkbank.ca

OYATE TIPI (North End)
Resource: Gently used household goods and furniture.
How to Access it:  Women and children who are leaving poverty and/or abusive situations who receiving help from one of their partner programs.
Website: oyatetipi.com
Phone Number: 204-589-2218
606 Selkirk Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba

R2W 2N1

WINNIPEG BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT CLINICS (through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority)
Resource:  Meet parents in your area, schedule one-on-one lactation consultations, and receive support and education from Public Health Nurses.
How to Access it: 8 Locations in Winnipeg, view all their locations at http://www.wrha.mb.ca/breastfeeding/clinics.php

* Healthy Start for Mom and Me program, group drop in, every Thursday from 1:30 – 3:30, alternating between Prenatal one week and Postnatal – Babysteps the next.
* Parenting Education including group classes and one-on-one mentoring
* Playroom with a variety of activities available, with parents present, or remaining onsite.
How to Access it: Visit their website, or visit in person.
Website: www.wolseleyfamilyplace.com
Address: Lower Level, 691 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number: 204-788-8052

Resource: Free breastfeeding support for families from experiences nurses/lactation consultants.
How to Access it: Visit the basement in the Women’s Hospital, from 1:00 to 3:00 every Thursday for their Breastfeeding Clinic.  Call Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to book an appointment for breastfeeding help.
Address: Basement Level, Women’s Hospital – Room WR117, 735 Notre Dame Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number: 204-787-1166

Resource:  An inclusive, feminist, pro-choice community health clinic that supports women through health services.  They offer Mental Health Counselling, Parenting Group support, Birth and Mothering support, and various health Services.
How to Access it:  For access to all of their resource information, visit their website, call, or visit them Monday to Wednesday 9:00am to 8:00pm, Thursday’s 9:00am to 9:00pm. Friday’s 9:00 to 4:30pm, Saturday’s from 9:00pm to 4:00pm. For their Mothers Program, visit their website, under the ‘Services’ tab, or call 204-947-2422 extension 113
Website: www.womenshealthclinic.org View their ‘Coping with Change’ program information here: http://womenshealthclinic.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/copingwithchange-English.pdf?ab54a4
Address: 419 Graham Avenue, Unit A, Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number: 204-947-1517

Resource: Offers phone calls and home visiting services to all new mothers and their families, following birth.
How to Access it: You will be assigned a Public Health Nurse following the birth of your baby, who will contact you, or you can visit the website below to connect with a Community office.
Website: This website will give you a list of all the parenting programs offered, including WRHA Post partum follow up, and a list of all local community offices when you can contact a Public Health Nurse.  http://www.wrha.mb.ca/community/publichealth/services-healthy-parenting.php
Phone Number: For additional breastfeeding support, call 204-788-8667 for the WRHA 24 hour Breastfeeding Hotline


Resource:  A list of all shelters in Manitoba, based on location. Shelters welcome men or women and their children, who are leaving abuse.
How to Access it: visit their website, and click on ‘Where Can I go?’
Website: www.maws.mb.ca

Resource: A centre that embraces Aboriginal traditional values and cultures. Offers:
* Long Term safe housing to Aboriginal Women and their children who are struggling to make life changes and escape violence
* Memengwaa Place, a second stage housing facility with support for up to one year (extensions can be granted) for women experiencing family violence
* Parenting Programs, including education for Mom’s about child development, bonding, and encouraging good behaviour
How to Access it: Visit their website to view all the available programs, phone, email or visit in person.
Website: Temporarily down. New address will be added Sept 2017
Address: 105 Aikins Street, Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number: 204-989-8240
Email: rswnwt1@nwtc.cc

VILLA ROSA (Wolseley)
Resource: A no-cost prenatal and postnatal residence that offers a variety of programs in a safe environment.  Accessible to any single, pregnant women or new mother in need.  They offer a safe place to live during and after pregnancy, counselling services, an education program, and access to community health services.
How to Access it: If you need help, you can call or email Villa Rosa’s intake Social worker at 204-786-5741 extension 222, or email director@villarosa.mb.ca
Website: www.villarosa.mb.ca
Address: 784 Wolseley Avenue, Winnipeg, MB
Phone Number: 204-786-5741


Resource: A list of all the food banks in Canada.
How to Access it: visit their website, click the ‘Find a Food Bank’ link, and search by province, city, or postal code.
Website: www.foodbankscanada.ca