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Photo Credit: Photography by Melina
COVID-19 Update For Gift Applicants

You Can’t Spoil a Baby wants to help reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

GIFT APPLICANTS (not yet applied), we aren’t accepting new gift applications until we’ve made progress on our current waiting list. We are working very hard to catch up since our Phase 1 Re-Opening on June 13, 2020. We are unable to provide an estimate at this time for when applications will be accepted again. Follow us on FB or IG for updates.

GIFT APPLICANTS (on our waiting list), rest easy knowing that if you completed a successful gift application, that your spot on the waiting list will remain safe, but there will be a delay in receiving your gift. Starting June 13, 2020 we have started making gifts again, and we will contact you once you are at the top of the waiting list. Please know that we have a team of dedicated volunteers, working very hard to get you the baby supplies we know your family needs. Thanks for your patience! If you would like to get a head start on receiving your gift, please read and understand our document Covid-19 Guidelines so that both you and our delivery volunteer can stay healthy during the delivery of your gift.