Founder, Pamela & gift recipient

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Mailing Address:
31 Woodview Bay, Winnipeg, MB R3R 3C9

Founder: Pamela Delisle BFA, BSW



Match Coordinator, Jenny Kidder


Administrative Support
: Jenny Kidder BA





FB Administrator, Ellen Lyon

Facebook Administrator: Ellen Lyon

Ellen is responsible for our FB presence. She cheerfully communicates with our followers and gift applicants, as well as creates posts that further our mission.

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Match Coordinator, Chandra Hermanson
Match Coordinator, Chandra Hermanson

Match Coordinator & ‘Make One Gift’ Coordinator: Chandra Hermanson

Chandra reviews our gift applications and makes the appropriate considerations to connect families in need to our ‘Make One Gift’ and core volunteers, who make and deliver our gifts. Chandra also welcomes, and supports ‘Make One Gift’ volunteers from when they apply all the way until their gift is delivered. If you have already applied for a gift and you have a question about your application, or you have questions about volunteering to ‘Make One Gift’, please contact Chandra.

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