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You Can’t Spoil a Baby
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31 Woodview Bay
Winnipeg, MB R3R 3C9

Pamela Delisle BFA, BSW
Founder and Executive Director

Pamela created YCSAB in November 2011 and has continued nurturing our daily operations while strategizing and implementing plans to ensure the project can provide a baby gift to every Manitoba family in need who requests one. Pamela also manages YCSAB’s Advisory Committee and volunteer staff to prioritize a fulfilled and happy volunteer network. Our ED also carefully allocates YCSAB’s fundraised resources to ensure we meet our project goals.

Ellen Lyon
Social Media Administrator

Ellen cheerfully communicates with our Facebook and Instagram followers. She also answers all your inquiries to info.

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Chandra Hermanson
Match Coordinator

Chandra reviews our gift applications and makes the appropriate considerations to connect families in need to our Gift Coordinators and ‘Make One Gift’ volunteers. If you have already applied for a gift and you have a question about your application please contact Chandra.

Carrie Foden
Executive Assistant

After being a Gift Coordinator for one year, and previous Make One Gift Coordinator, Carrie now provides administrative support to our Founder/ED.

Erica Halmarson
Volunteer Coordinator

Two years as a YCSAB Gift Coordinator, plus Erica’s long list of professional achievements has positioned her beautifully to manage all elements of our core volunteer force, including screening, hiring, and placing new volunteers, as well as managing existing core volunteers. Erica will support our volunteers so they can easily achieve their potential and have high job satisfaction within their roles.

Jenna Koens
Drop Spot Volunteer Coordinator

Jenna assesses what parts of Manitoba we need more Business and Community Drop Spots volunteers and then recruits, trains and nurtures relationships with them to make collecting donations easier and more enjoyable. Jenna will also collaborate with our Gift Coordinators, Volunteer Coordinator team and our Social Media admins to ensure the supply and demand of donations is balanced.

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