During these two plus years of living in the current Covid-19 pandemic we have all gained knowledge and experience to keep ourselves and those around us healthy. With this in mind and taking into consideration the recent relaxing of provincial health measures, You Can’t Spoil a Baby no longer requires all volunteers, donors, or gift recipients to read or adhere to our previous Covid-19 Infection Prevention and Control Plan. We appreciate and acknowledge your support of following our previous safety measures. It’s your support that has allowed us to continue creating and delivering gifts to Manitoba families in need with a new baby.

Going forward, we ask you to consider what actions are needed for you to feel comfortable participating with You Can’t Spoil a Baby as a donor, volunteer, or gift recipient and to take the necessary steps to protect yourself and the people you may meet at YCSAB.

For some, these actions may include wearing a mask or socially distancing. Others may prefer to plan to meet outdoors or ask guests in your home to wear a mask. Please also respect others who may take more actions than yourself to reduce their risk or to protect others.

If you need help communicating your Covid-19 needs with people at YCSAB, please contact us at


Additional guidance on how to stay safe and healthy can be found online: