When you were accepted as a volunteer, our team created an account for you to use to access all YCSAB services. This includes email, our ticketing system, and the website and training resources.

It’s a secret!

Keep your YCSAB password confidential! We will never ask you for your password.

Beware of sites that attempt to fool you. All YCSAB services operate under our domain, “”.

What if I need to change my password?

Changing your password or resetting your password if you’ve forgotten it is simple.

Visit to change your password.

Complete the form, and we will send a password-reset email to your personal email, or a password-reset link to your mobile phone number (SMS text).

What if I forget my password, and can’t get to this page?

What if you forgot your password, and can’t access this page and can’t remember how to change your password?!

No problem – there’s a “Forgot my password” link on all our services’ login screens.