This document was written primarily for our Gift Coordinator (GC) volunteers, to answer their frequently asked questions about the ‘Promote YCSAB’ stage in our process.

If you are a Delivery Coordinator, Create Your Own Position volunteer, or Volunteer Staff person and you would like to promote YCSAB, please adapt the below ideas to fit with your role.

What is YCSAB’s Main Goal for Promotion?
Our success to create and deliver customized gifts for families in need relies heavily on our ability to find donors and volunteers. When promoting YCSAB it is critical for all promotional messages to be directed for an audience of potential donors or volunteers and not to potential Gift Applicants. We have a long waiting list of approximately 200+ families in need and in order for our Gift Applicants to receive the gifts in a timely manner and in the babies first few months of life our focus needs to be on recruiting donors and volunteers. If we promote YCSAB to potential Gift Applicants our waiting list will grow substantially and we will not be able to meet the demand. Gift Applicants will be referred by social workers, public health nurses, other professionals, and their family and friends.

If you want to help recruit new donors or volunteers so that our project can grow and continue to be successful, or if you want information on how to promote your drop spot, please keep reading.

What Promotion Strategies Have Worked for Other YCSAB Volunteers?
There are many strategies that other YCSAB volunteers have tried and had success with. You are the expert of your neighbourhood, your social networks, your professional networks, as well as your family and friends, and will therefore know best which of the following strategies would likely have the most impact in your promotion of YCSAB.


  • asking for donations by reaching out to local in-person Parent/Child groups or online parenting groups,
  • asking local businesses, daycares, schools, faith based organizations, community centres, libraries, or politicians to:
    • become a donation Drop Spot,
    • let you put up a YCSAB poster,
    • leave business cards at their front desk,
    • share information about YCSAB with their team at staff meetings,
    • send out YCSAB information to their distribution networks, or;
    • share information about YCSAB on their social media
  • sharing a YCSAB business card or flyer to people hosting garage sales or community sales and asking if you can pick up any unsold baby clothes and items at the end of their event,
  • keeping business cards on you so when you do meet someone who you think would like to learn more about donating to YCSAB or volunteering with us and it is appropriate, you can offer a card.
  • contacting your community newspaper to let them know about your involvement with YCSAB
  • follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts and sharing our posts
  • talking about the need for donations and volunteers with your friends and family, perhaps they know someone who would be a good fit
  • brainstorming which local businesses might want to support YCSAB and talk to them. This works best if you frequent them on a regular basis and may include grocery stores, gas stations, salons, restaurants, banks, pharmacies, doctor’s offices, retail stores etc.

What Materials or Tools does YCSAB use for Promotion?
We have the following available materials and tools available:

  1. Business Cards- with space in the front for you to handwrite your contact info (paper and digital copies)
  2. Flyers- used to recruit donors and volunteers, two sided 3.75×8” (paper and digital)
  3. Posters- general project promotion, one sided 6×9” (paper and digital)
  4. Fridge Magnets that say ‘I Support YCSAB’, 1.25”
  5. Printable, customizable black and white posters to help promote your Drop Spot location (digital)
  6. Volunteer Badges with magnetic clasp, 2.25”
  7. 3 large outdoor quality banners with grommets that can be borrowed for events
  8. Facebook
  9. Instagram
  10. Website: or (both take you to the same website)

How can I get these Materials?
We can mail small numbers of resources to you, but if you require larger quantities you will need to arrange pick up from Pamela Delisle at 31 Woodview Bay, since the cost increases as the weight increases. If you can’t pick them up from Pamela, it is possible we can request the help of a Delivery Coordinator who ideally is already coming into your or Pamela’s neighbourhood to save them time and gas money.

Please consider sharing our posters and flyers online with our digital versions which are coming soon to the Volunteer Resources area.

To customize our printable black and white poster for your neighbourhood drop spot, please email our Social Media Administrator Ellen Lyon at to request one. If you have a printer, you are welcome to print them and place them at locations you think would be beneficial to collecting donations or finding new volunteers.

My Gift Coordinator Location isn’t Receiving as many Donations as I’d Like, what can I do to Increase Donations?
Most volunteers start promoting their involvement with YCSAB by sharing the news that they are a volunteer with their friends, family or professional circle. Here are some samples you are welcome to use, just be sure to edit them to include your info if necessary:

I have some exciting news! I have recently become a Gift Coordinator volunteer for You Can’t Spoil a Baby, a volunteer project that delivers gifts of once loved baby clothes and items to help Manitoba families in need with the first year of baby’s life. If you or someone you know has a donation for me, please contact me directly.

If my location isn’t convenient, please visit to learn more about their 30+ Drop Spots in and near Winnipeg you can drop your donations off to. Find their map here:

To view some of the amazing gifts already donated to Manitoba families, and to keep updated about their project, visit and ‘Like’ their Facebook page or Follow them on Instagram at

You Can’t Spoil a Baby believes that every baby deserves an equal start. Allow their volunteers, including me, to turn your donation of once loved baby items into a custom gift for a Manitoba family in need, by dropping off your donation to one of their 30+ Manitoba wide locations. If you don’t have baby clothes or baby items to give, You Can’t Spoil a Baby has many heartwarming volunteer opportunities to help you make a positive impact in your community. Please share widely.

Which YCSAB Volunteer Staff are Available to Help with Promotions?
Please direct your questions or concerns about your drop spot location to our Volunteer Coordinator Diana. She can be reached by email at

If you have an idea, quote, photo, or video to share on social media, please reach out to Director of Communications Carrie Foden. She can be reached by email at

**Thank you very much for reading our document. If you see a way to improve the document or need help understanding part of it, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Diana Welligan.