Residential Drop Spot: This blue bin labelled with our logo, and placed under an overhang provides donors an easy and protected space to leave their donations.

Drop Spot volunteers assist donors by providing a convenient location for them to drop off their once loved or new baby items to. The more Drop Spot locations we have, the more donations we receive, and the more custom gifts we can make and deliver to Manitoba families in need. Joining YCSAB as a Drop Spot volunteer, either as an individual or as a business/community group, is one of our easiest yet most impactful positions.

1) Individual Drop Spots: We add your home address along with instructions for donors, to a public map and you wait for donors to bring you baby items. You assess and sort the donations, and either a) list them in our online Volunteer Inventory until a request is made by our Donation Coordinators (aka Gift Makers) for your items and a plan is made to exchange the item/s, or b) you collect approx.. 1-2 garbage bags worth of donations and then you deliver to a Donation Coordinator who is most convenient for you. You will also be invited to join our members only ‘YCSAB Volunteers’ Facebook page to make volunteering easier and more rewarding, and will be given a branded email address to help you communicate with our team.

2) Business/Community Drop Spots: We add your address along with instructions for donors, to a public map and you wait for the public or your existing customers/participant to bring you baby items. When your donation area is full, you either drop them off to the most convenient Donation Coordinator location or you contact us and we will pick them up for you. We can provide you posters, or flyers for your location to help advertise. We can promote your business/group on our Facebook page with over 2500+ fans when you make a drop off and add you to our Partners page if you desire.

Donations often arrive packed in boxes or garbage bags.

We are here to help walk you through this process and to answer any questions you may have. We want this to be a great experience for you and anyone else who is involved in helping. Both Individual and Business/Community Drop Spots will be emailed an online training document to help connect all the dots.

If you or your group, business, or community organization are interested in becoming a Drop Spot please complete our Drop Spot Volunteer Application.


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