After meeting at the gift delivery, Gift Applicant Angie and Samuel and former Gift Coordinator Lisa Morantz continue to stay in contact: just one of the benefits of volunteering as a Gift Coordinator!

*As of Jan. 13, 2023 we aren’t accepting new Gift Coordinator applications until we’ve found and trained a new Volunteer Coordinator. We are unable to provide an estimate at this time for when volunteers will be accepted again. Follow us on FB or IG for updates.

You Can’t Spoil a Baby needs volunteers to accept donations of baby items at their home-based drop spot. When a donation arrives at your drop spot, you will sort, assess and prepare the baby items for gifts. These items will either be used by you to make and deliver gifts, or you will share them with our other volunteers to use in their gifts.

The Gift Coordinator position is rewarding and flexible and was designed so that busy, charitable people like yourself can participate in a great volunteer experience. We’ll add your home address to our Drop Spot map and with the help of the YCSAB team and our online training manual, we’ll prepare you to start collecting, preparing and coordinating the making of custom baby gifts.

To assist you in this process, you’ll join our confidential Facebook group which helps our team access information, streamline communication and collaborate to help Manitoba families in need. Good organizational and communication skills, empathy and integrity, along with a willingness to learn and use our technology tools like social media, email, and gift tracking software are assets.

Most of our gift applicants and volunteers are from Winnipeg and surrounding areas, but as YCSAB grows, there may be more rural opportunities. We accept volunteers from across Manitoba.

If you are ready to learn more, please complete our Gift Coordinator Application.