If you see a way for your skill set to enhance our project, don’t be shy, we want to hear from you! Here are four ideas to get your imagination going:

  • decorations for baby's nursery
    Mixed media prints can help decorate a baby’s nursery. Donated by Winnipeg artist Serena Wilson Stubson.

    Artistic Gifts
    : Specialty baby items have the power to make our gifts extra special! We try to include one handmade or specialty item in each baby gift we deliver. Crafters, knitters, musicians, doll makers, scrap bookers, card-makers, painters, woodworkers, sewers, jewelry makers, sculptors, photographers, printmakers, et cetera, are welcome to make items and deliver them to one of our Drop Spots. Handmade items that are most requested are: receiving blankets and thicker baby blankets or comforters, crib sheets, baby wash cloths, waterproof change pads, family photography and items to decorate the baby’s room.

    Donation Drives: It has been very helpful to have individuals, workplaces, schools etc. to  advocate for our project by asking their social/professional networks for donations (baby items or monetary donations). If you have the skill of motivating those around you, a donation drive may be a rewarding way to get involved. Donation drives can be as simple as: using Facebook to ask your friends to drop off their once loved/new baby items directly to you or our drop-spots; or organizing a bake sale and donating the proceeds; or setting up a donation jar at your office and encourage your coworkers to contribute. If you are intrigued by a donation drive but aren’t sure what the next step is, contact us and we will happily make a plan with you. This is a great opportunity for team building at work, or a nice opportunity to get students involved in volunteering.

    High school students posing with project banner
    Students and Staff from Collège Béliveau took the initiative to organize a Donation Drive and helped us sort baby items in September 2015.

    Donate your Expertise to Support You Can’t Spoil a Baby: If you are a professional who loves what you do and wants to share your time and knowledge with us, we need help with: strategic planning, public/media relations, marketing, editing, event planning, research, fundraising, project promotion, graphic design, volunteer management, legal advice etc. and various other jobs that come and go depending on our current needs and goals.

    Donate your Expertise to Support Gift Applicants: If you are a professional with a service appropriate to give to the expectant or new parents and families on our
    waiting list, please contact us to discuss your idea further. Who wouldn’t appreciate a gift of pregnancy/newborn/family photography, hairdressing, massage therapy, financial planning, income tax assistance, doula services, family therapy et cetera? Please ensure that your gift come with no strings attached.

Do you have something to offer? If you do, we would love to hear your ideas. We happily accept one-time volunteer offers, or we can accommodate people who are looking to make a regular time commitment.  To volunteer, complete a Create your own Position application.


Create Your Own Position Volunteer, Family and Birth Photographer Alicia Thwaites
Create Your Own Position Volunteer, Family and Birth Photographer Alicia Thwaites

Alicia Thwaites, a Winnipeg-based family and birth photographer, created her own volunteer position with You Can’t Spoil a Baby in May 2015 by donating her time and photography skills to 5 lucky families from our waiting list. YCSAB Founder, Pamela Delisle and Alicia worked together to plan a hugely successful event in which Alicia spent 30 minutes photographing each family and then just in time for Mother’s Day, she hand delivered a generous set of free digital files as well as printed photos! Our photography event was covered by CTV. You can learn more about Alicia’s work at her website or Facebook page.