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Photo Credit: Photography by Melina

Making and delivering a baby gift for one of the 250+ families on You Can’t Spoil a Baby’s waiting list is now easier and more rewarding than ever. Whether you have already collected some baby items or you are starting off only with the desire to help, we will walk you through this unique experience.

This ‘Make One Gift’ casual position is a perfect activity for families interested in community service or who want to meet the family who benefits from their donation of once loved baby items; for friends who want a project to work on together; for students looking to earn extra credit; for businesses to use as a team building event; or, as a way to enhance a special holiday like Mother or Father’s Day or birthdays.

Volunteer Jill, making a gift
Photo Credit: Photography by Melina

There are 8 steps to get you from training to gift delivery:

  1. Complete our ‘Make One Gift’ application below;
  2. Read our simple training document;
  3. Collect donations (from your stock or ours);
  4. We email you the gift applicant’s info;
  5. You contact the gift applicant to introduce yourself;
  6. You prepare the gift;
  7. You deliver the gift; and, 
  8. Update us once your gift has been delivered.

If you have questions, please contact us at  If you’re ready to start this experience, complete our ‘Make One Gift’ Application.

Testimonials From ‘Make One Gift’ volunteers:

One year, instead of exchanging family Christmas gifts, all the adults brought an item requested by the gift applicant and during our family gathering we assembled the baby gift and delivered it the next day. It felt like we had really accomplished something. -Christine

What about YCSAB’s one-time volunteering experience appealed to you?
“I liked that my two daughters and I could work together from home during hours that worked for us, like evenings or on the weekend, to prepare the gifts. The YCSAB initiative allowed us to spend time together, talking as we folded cute little clothes, who would wear them, etc.  The girls had some questions at first, but after the first delivery got to see just how much help these basic items would be to the families.”

Instead of bringing birthday gifts for our two-year old’s birthday, we asked our guests to bring an item for our match. We are lucky, my son has everything he needs and he didn’t need any more toys. By the end of the party we had collected everything we needed for the gift and we all felt great to have helped another family. -Peter

Do you think that making a gift for YCSAB can fit into a busy family’s life?
“Absolutely! We are very busy, and this was something we were easily able to fit in, by breaking it down into 30-45 minute intervals. It was way easier than trying to find a 3-4 hr block of time, all in one evening.”

My friends and I found YCSAB online and decided to collect baby items from our parenting groups and make a gift for a young mom with a newborn. We got to socialize for a good cause. Win-win! -Aileen

Was the experience of collecting and making a baby gift challenging?
“No. It was so easy!!!  Most of the organizing had already been done for us.”

We considered dropping off our gently used baby items to YCSAB’s drop spots to let them make a gift on our behalf, but when I started talking to my kids about their baby items, they wanted to meet the baby who was getting them. It was an easy decision to make; to find a few more items to complete the gift and then deliver the gift ourselves. My kids still ask about the baby they met and hope she is doing well. -Tracey

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Photo Credit: Photography by Melina

How can we improve the experience for one-time volunteers?
“I can’t think of anything! It was a very positive experience, even if the recipients may not all have seemed very grateful-my kids and I talked about each delivery afterwards, and realized there’s probably a lot of mixed emotions that these moms are feeling. We are just to be the helpers that take some of the stress off these busy moms, making sure they have a few less things to worry about. The communication was consistently clear from YCSAB, and we wouldn’t hesitate to be involved again.”