After meeting at the gift delivery, Gift Applicant Angie and Samuel and former Donation Coordinator Lisa Morantz continue to stay in contact: just one of the benefits of volunteering as a Donation Coordinator!

Donation Coordinators are the gift makers of You Can’t Spoil A Baby. Their role is to make one gift per month from once loved baby items dropped off to their home Drop Spot and also by our YCSAB Volunteers. Donation Coordinators then package those items into a beautiful baby gift and either deliver them directly to a Gift Applicant or arrange for one of our Delivery Coordinators to deliver it for them.

This position requires great organizational and communication skills (by email, Facebook, phone and in-person), as Donation Coordinators connect with our volunteers, donors, and gift applicants. In addition, we need to know that they can keep gift applicant’s information private and that they are respectful of the boundaries that come along with meeting gift applicants, especially because pregnancy and new parenthood is such a vulnerable time. To provide the highest quality gifts, we also require that the space they store and transport items in is a clean, smoke-free space that is protected from picking up unpleasant odours (i.e. musty basement, oily garage).

Oscar and Milla packaging a baby gift
Involve the whole family in gift making!

Our team and our online volunteer training manual are here to help walk you through learning this new role as we truly want volunteering to be a great experience for you.

If you are interested in becoming a Donation Coordinator please complete our Donation Coordinator Application. This position is perfect for families who want to volunteer together as the majority of the work is done from your home and on your schedule. Making a gift takes approx. 3-5 hours.

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